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Are your current thoughts, beliefs, and behavior congruent with what you desire?

7 self-destructive habits that are simply a symptom

I've been sitting on this post for some time, thinking, feeling, writing, editing, rewriting it. (At one point, I even lost it entirely.) Obviously, it's calling to be published, so here we go.

There's this world that many are familiar with, but only few dare to talk about it so even when we are surrounded by our peers and mentors, and invested in programs and masterminds, we can feel lonely, alone. Different.

Today, I am pulling back the curtain to shine a light on what's going on

...behind this incredible success that others marvel at;
...behind the deeply inspiring stories that the audiences soak up;
...behind non-stop launches;
...behind the game-winning final shot at the buzzer;
...behind the standing ovation at the end of that event you and your team have busted your asses off to host;
...behind the determined look, strong handshake and warm smile that has others convinced that we are superhumans.

Let me preface this by sharing that this message is for you especially if you are feeling uncomfortable with yourself, uncomfortable with where you are...

You know, in this place where you have this deep knowing that so much more is available, and this knowing that you’re here, in this time and place, because you’re meant for so much more… And yet, you feel… stuck. And you’re never stuck, you always figure it out… So, “what the f---?”

What do I mean, exactly?

  • Maybe you’re in this place where making millions is easy, but allowing yourself to cry feels suffocating, feelings are hard, opening yourself up feels unsafe, and it’s come so far that your body is now shutting down and your health is on life support?
  • Or maybe the tens of thousands you’ve paid to your coaches feel like a proof of your commitment to success, but it’s your self-destructive tendencies and all the subtle ways you’re betraying yourself that are holding you back?
  • Maybe you’re eating your emotions and drowning your loneliness, sadness, and resentment because your sexy Wild woman, your curious and playful Goddess, has been turned down, let down, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, unseen again?
  • Could it be your soul’s cry for help because the high-5-, 6- and 7-figures you’re being paid have now turned into shackles and strings pulled by your clients, your partners, investors, shareholders - and all that’s left for you is to keep their needs met while yours no longer matter?
  • Can it be your heart aching because the success you’ve built in order to give more to your family, to give a better life to your kids, now demands so much of you that the only thing you can give them are 2 scheduled hours every Tuesday afternoon?
  • It might be simply vacuuming your home, but to you it triggers a roller-coaster of emotions, and suddenly you’re angry with the kids for not listening, you’re disappointed with a prospect who said no to your discounted offer, and now you’re freaking out over money - and before you know it, you’re drifting into anxiety attack because obviously you’re not capable, worthy, enough.
  • Perhaps it’s this tug between how proud you are for building your amazing team, selling out your programs, and creating this revenue-generating machine - and how deeply unhappy, disconnected, and drained you are from being caught on this hamster wheel of keeping up with your commitments and responsibilities.


Ok, so now what?

First, you are not alone. In fact, I was there, and so have many of my clients when we first started working together.

I also know that thousands around the world are now awakening to this realization that they, too are simply DONE with this nonsense hamster wheel, self-imposed glass dome, and are ready for more… something different.

Second, you can become, have, and create everything that is important to you without compromising the things that matter to you the most! You are worthy of it!

Third, you can simply make a different choice.

... A choice to rise up to the highest level of your service, the life you're meant to lead, and legacy you're meant to leave.

... A choice to expand your mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical capacity to receive, to create, to hold more.

... A choice to build out your stamina & endurance to hold your vision, harmonize work & life, and elevate your ideas & consciousness.

What is congruent with what you truly desire?

Can you feel the vibration of your new custom-designed plan, and imprint the destination sequence of how exactly you get there?

Want what you want, and say it like you mean it. Stop pussyfooting around it and distracting yourself by defaulting to what feels easy.

And that’s where it’s at.

If you are ready to honor yourself, your needs, your desire, your future, remember:

It’s deep, holistic, and integrated work; both tangible and intangible. Intuitive and strategic. Pragmatic and pure magic. Mind, body, soul, spirit…

When you give yourself a permission to fully immerse into this glorious experience - journey, I shall say - you will remember who you are. You will untame your inner lioness and leap out of the shackles of old programming and patterns.

Hello, simplified and harmonies life and work!

Hello, freed-up time & space to use as you wish, each day, for greater fulfillment!

So, are you ready to solidify your faith, confidence, and overcoming major challenges that once stood in your path?

To deepen your relationship with yourself, significant other, and loved ones?


Global transformational mentor
Strategist & catalyst to remarkable leaders
Modern witch. Mom, wife