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The difference between working (too) hard and actually creating the time, space, and capacity you require and desire

· Business Success,Mindset

"Wow, I can't believe I am getting paid THAT much for this simple project! I almost feel bad because I really didn't get to do all that much!" a client voxered.

This is how this simple remark can make the difference between working (too) hard for your goals, and actually creating the time, space, and capacity required to actually play and create more magic...

First, it's important to note that...

1. How you respond is what you receive next.

2. It never feels like much work when you get to play in your zone.

3. You are not getting paid for your time, but the value.

4. Value you add is not only immediate, it lasts for a lifetime.

So, let's unpack the last one first.

When it comes to this particular topic, I work primarily with experts whose services facilitate some sort of a transformation (financial, business, personal, body, relationships, parenting, home...) and whose businesses generate around $1 million of hard-earned annual revenues.

So one of the first shifts of perspective we work on, is around lifetime value that their gifts, expertise, experience, and presence create:

  • What is the new trajectory of someone's business, life, as a result of that?
  • What are new opportunities available to someone whom they help to see themselves in a new light, embody a new way of being that is in full alignment?
  • How much more business can someone build with more confidence, clarity, better grasp of their finances?
  • How much better harmony can one create in their team, in a relationship, at home when they feel fully supported, when they trust themselves, and when they release old trigger points?
  • How much more can they get paid when they dare to ask for and expect the raise, double their fees,... and what becomes available to them from there?
  • How much can someone save on medical expenses when their body is healthy?
  • How can someone's life improves now that they are equipped with the tools and knowledge they need, and the right mindset to apply it all? Within a year, 5 years, 10 years?

Of course, the list goes on.

The point is, ROI can be immediate and long-term; It can be measured in financial gains, but also in numerous intangible, immeasurable ways. How can you truly measure joy? Confidence? Harmony? Passion? Health?

The second shift typically we work on, is helping my clients see themselves as the powerful, magnificent, limitless, glorious beings that they are. Not just on the intellectual level, but to embody the new way of being - their truest-self.

And, as transformational leaders, these experts utilize their gift so naturally they don't even think about all that is in their arsenal.

Again, we are uncovering all the tangible and intangible elements, formal and informal education, experience and lessons.

That's where many of them feel challenged because they begin to realize that the very same things that they were shunned and shushed over, labeled and mocked for...are their superpowers, greatest gifts, and what makes them so unique. That revelation can play quite some tricks on them at first!

That's where all the magic and miracles just begin to happen!

So with that, the strategic pieces of clarifying their goals and objectives, elevating ideas and reverse-engineering even the most challenging pieces into simple, pragmatic and practical models and plans of action, become much easier and congruent.

And, they are able to create amplified results with way less work, energy, time, and resources.

Oftentimes, this is just a warmup! Just clearing the way to actually access and work on the what each client is looking to identify, transmute, shift, and expand...

With the weight of all the seemingly-overwhelming responsibilities handled, with more time on their hands (it's not unusual for our clients to cut down their working hours by 30-50%), and with more revenues coming in and profits to keep that gives them more choices (it's not unusual for our clients to make in a single quarter, month or a single sale the amount that it took them a whole prior year to earn), we have created the time, space, and capacity required to actually do the work, to play, and to create more magic...

This is one of the ways to live a life that serves the dreams of your heart and soul without apology, compromise, and sacrifice... simplify, magnify, amplify, and intensify everything you & your team put into the world so passionately and naturally...

...all while creating more free time, alignment, excitement, joy, fulfillment, and significant contribution for yourself and others.