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What to do when anxiety and heaviness arise

· Mindset,Intentional Living

I was reflecting on my own journey, and I noticed something interesting happening.

See, just like you, there is so much more I want to do.

I wonder if I am doing enough, if I am saying the right things… especially as so much had to be shifted, put aside, re-prioritized, even released over these past several months. From ideas and goals, to time, routines, and projects, not to mention people and social circles…

I can over-commit. I do bite off more than I can chew.

I catch myself panicking. I catch myself grasping for air. And spiraling into the self- doubting and blaming and shaming and guilting game. I catch comparing myself to others.

I feel incompetent asking for help. I feel like I let my husband down when he needs to bail me out. I feel uncomfortable being held without holding, receiving without giving back.

I get impatient. I get into my head. I get embarrassed to admit I do not have it all together in a way others might believe I do.

I am just a human, embracing this gloriously messy experience.
I am grateful for playing a part in this Cosmic comedy called life.

Yet, the other time, I noticed anxiety creeping up. I felt this heaviness of being trapped, helpless, betrayed even. I could feel my stomach churn.

I noticed how just thinking about it all brought up a whole lot of ancestral memories, stories, and patterns. Speaking about it dipped into the victim energy. And I noticed that the vibration of my own voice did not resonate. Neither felt good.

I realized that one of them were mine.

If you ever feel this way, this can help you create a radical shift in a fraction of time:

The most empowering knowing, and the most liberating gift we can give to ourselves, is to take radical responsibility for each one of the thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions.

Yes, we hold the power to create and to alter our reality. We speak our reality into existence!

Yes, we are all humans, and with it we are gifted this glorious journey that is filled with all sorts of experiences that support our growth, evolution. We get to feel all the feels, we get messy, and we get to play into limitless possibilities - when we so choose.

And, once we get to feel into our highest destiny frequency, once we play into the expansiveness and limitlessness, falling back into the space of fear, scarcity, and lack that feel so constrictive and limiting … can be easily recognized. And so the choice truly is simple.

Here is something else I would suggest at this point: as transformational mentors, trailblazers, we cannot fully serve when we ourselves are in the state of contraction, in the space of darkness and heaviness. It is our responsibility to seek ways to transmute, shift, and expand such feelings, experiences, relationships into different forms.

Doing so requires some heavy-lifting that 98% are not willing, ready, nor available to do; spiritual bypassing simply does not cut it.

If we now dip into a more practical and pragmatical level, here is what you need in order to express yourself, to alchemize those emotions, to transcend your current reality, and to create the one of your desires.

  • Language to name and express it all. This can be accomplished with journaling.
  • Presence to quiet down your mind, and instead tap into your being, your knowing. Meditation works.
  • Movement to move and shift all the stale energy and to create space for new one. Physical exercise will do the trick.
  • Quantum strategies that literally collapse time, amplify the effect, and multiply the results.

Additionally, I personally value conversations with very specific people who are able to hold space for me, who catch my language as well as swings in my energy, and are then able to communicate it back to me without attachment, or judgement, and guide me along the way of co-creating whatever is next.

Magic and miracles literally happen then.