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pt.1: What about the generational power and your innate gifts?


· Mindset

What about your strengths? Generational power? Innate gifts?

The world would love for you to see yourself as broken, as not enough, as too much...pretty much as a fixer-upper.

Indeed, we are all a work in progress, and there's always this next thing we're striving for. As we should.

And there indeed are a gazillion of pills and spells, potions and lotions,
and magic 3-step formulas and courses that will cure you :-)

What I offer today instead, is one of the pillars on which I've built my life & businesses. It's pretty revolutionary:

Can you take a moment and notice what already is?
Can you focus on what truly matters to you?
Can you celebrate you and your journey?
Can you honor all the good?

When I begin to work with a new client - whether it's for a strategic
planning, or 30-day intensive, or 3-day in-person visioning &
re-calibration immersion, or 12-month journey of expansion - it's
important to set clear expectations.
One of them is this knowing that there are no formulas, and no two results are alike. So together, we take this exact inventory.

We assess what's working well for each one of my clients.
We honor what they love.
We unlock what's already there but perhaps they just can't see it on their own.
We focus on what matters - and then amplify it.

Then, we simplify, transform and release the rest.

Try it out, and you'll see that it could be the beginning of something pretty awesome.