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pt. 2: Awareness that changes everything

· Mindset

Stripping away the layers of conditioning of how things should look like and examining which chains of programming ought to be broken.

Yesterday, we talked about generational strengths, innate gifts, and focusing on what's good as the first step of the process that I take my clients through. Link to that post is in the comments. Today, let's move to the second part:

This is where a very delicate yet passionate dance truly begins. When one is immersed into one reality for decades, it becomes impossible to even notice what's true and what isn't. What's theirs and what's not.

And, pointing it out as a coach, mentor, healer, it's a huge responsibility that also folds in ethics, safety, consent and boundaries.

When the clients is ready, open, available, and willing to do this work, it allows us to gather pieces of who they truly are. Their heritage. The calling that comes from conversation, energetic initiations, activations, and core teachings of their lineage.

If I could offer a visual for this experience, it would be like individual tiles in a mosaic of life, experiences, memories, and perception lightning up and coming together into a whole new image. It would be like weaving a brand new tapestry from all sorts of pieces of old yarn.

And how does this reflect in the most practical, tangible way?

For some clients, it's the ability to put a dollar sign next to that thing that they wanted to do but kept resisting it. "How much does it cost me to not show up on a video? So I got on a video and 48 hours later, made my investment back..." reported one client.

For some, it's the walk though fire: "I died a thousand deaths as we went into the heart of my relationship to myself, money, my work. My soul is sprouting green, I feel alive again!" shared another client.

Others are finally able to muster up the courage and take the leap they've been dreaming about for 25 years... "I did it, I called my dad and told him I am moving across the country to my dream location. I kept putting this off for years because I was so afraid of his reaction!" celebrated another and then we celebrated together when they arrived to their destination a few weeks later.

My own experience still gives me goosebumps when I just think about it.

Feeling trapped, overwhelmed, and totally disconnected from the space I lived in and the work I ended up doing, I was willing to walk away from it all. Signed the papers and all while being cheered on by my close circle of friends and advisors. But there was this whisper that kept persisting... "This is not your story line, this is not how this ends..." Like in some out-of-body experience, I was able to observe myself, and notice that no matter how much I kept saying how I want what I desired, there was a gate I set up... And there was vacuum I created which others had filled in with their dreams, and so I simply rearranged my life to accommodate them.

And having this awareness is what changes everything.