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Rewriting the stories we tell to ourselves

I can't remember if it was for my 16th or 18th birthday that my mom gifted me a Nartal Chart reading. "You will have two homes. You will marry a foreigner. English language. I see rocks and water in your backyard. You will make a living with writing..." are bits and pieces that remained with me through the years.

Well, I ended up living in the USA for 18 years while a piece of my heart remained in Slovenia.

My husband is American and I am now a dual citizen myself.

Not only was our backyard near the Hudson River filled with boulders, stones and rocks were in actual words in our address! (And you should see the view from where we live now! Goosebumps!)

It was the "writing for a living" part that I could not quite process.


Like, am I supposed to be a published writer? But anyone can be that... Realy. How do I make a living out of it? Now that is a million-dollar question.

• I have a journalism degree, should I write for a newspaper/magazine/...? I have hundreds of articles published, but none were paid, soooooo...

• And listen, Michelle Obama, Oprah, and Liz Gilbert would come to mind when I envisioned that ideal scenario of merging my gifts, skills, experience, and passions! You know... awesome books, remarkable stage presence, and inspirational storytelling. (I am totally keeping that flame burning, you never know...)

• Meanwhile, coaching and consulting became such big parts of what I do... and who I became...that I wondered if the writing part could be - you know - content writing for marketing purposes? Does that count as making a living?


I was so focused on creating/waiting for this one way that I nearly missed it all coming together in a completely different, simple, and powerful way. A way that I could have never predicted:

Did you know that in this past year alone, I have (ghost)written, for a top U.S. company, almost 350 executive resumes, bios, and profiles?

Telling each individual's story in a way that expands their clarity of who they are and the impact they make; builds their confidence to pursue their next career steps; and capacity to step up and step into their greatness.


So this is what I would like to offer you today: stories we tell to others and especially to ourselves (about our work, about our purpose, and about ourselves) are powerful.

They are also limiting until they become limitless.

And, they can (and should) regularly be rewritten! Otherwise, the most brilliant gems can remain uncovered while we keep spinning in circles trying to make something happen that has already been unfolding on its own.


Mentor. Speaker. Writer.