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During last night's walk, I heard "Take My Breath Away" blasting through one of the windows that were open to the
street. Then a few more echoed and for a moment, I thought someone got a
hold of my old mixtape cassettes!

It really doesn't take much to be transported to a specific time and place in the past, does it?

I remember how many times I would daydream about this or that,
envisioning possibilities, and wishing upon a star for a specific

And how sometimes it felt like time was not moving anywhere, where yesterday and today all flew into
one, and I was still "stuck here."

It makes me giggle when I see my life from heightened awareness, and
notice, with gratitude and excitement, how each and every one of those
dreams, wishes, asks, actually materialized.

It might not be *exactly* how I had envisioned it, or it may not be *all
of them at the same time* but overall, well... Daymn... Some would call
this sorcery, some manifestation, some simply living a fully-present
life fueled by purpose. And some, trust. And faith. OK, add
tenaciousness & stubbornness, into the mix too.

So, if we can instantaneously leap into any moment of our past, does the same apply to leaping into the future? 

What can we do right now, and tomorrow, and next week, so that we get to
that time and space in the future that makes remembering & retelling
our journey exciting, inspiring?

Listen, how would you like to work on this together? You and me?

I have limited availability for 
- VIP day deep dives, 
- in-person immersions here in my 1000-year-old European hometown (my absolute FAVORITE experience to facilitate!), 
- and all-inclusive retainer-based support help a few high-achieving trailblazers and innocent unicorns alike connect their dots and leap from "here" to "there."

Defining & refining. 

Along with cultivating courage and expanding capacity for it all.

Life, business, home, sports, corporate career, family, relationships,... I've seen, done, lived, helped through them all.

Reach out, let's see if we're a fit, and how to get you started.

Mentor. Speaker. Writer.