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Synchronicity, trust, and development of Virtual teams for Business Success

· Intentional Leader

Many years ago, when I started to play for a senior basketball team of my home club, most of us were pretty young.

So that season, the coaches thought it would be beneficial to invite a couple of veteran players to help us with the games and keep us in the top rankings.

The veterans agreed in exchange for skipping the pre-season of conditioning, to only coming to one practice per week (instead of 5), and to drive to the games with their own cars.

Something just didn't feel right to me at the time, but my job was to keep showing up and give my best, and not to argue why the way the plan was introduced & executed could and would affect our morale, performance, and commitment.

The experience and insights are transferable, however, and the reasons are similar to what businesses, including virtual agencies, face nowadays when they hire virtual support.

1. Lack of synchronicity.

Every team develops its own dynamics, and communication/playing style. It was hard for those veterans to catch the rhythm on a Friday night and a weekend game that the rest of us have developed overt he weeks and months daily practicing.

Similarly, collaborating and creating virtually is a unique dynamic that requires different mindset, management, as well as skills and tools.

2. Trust is earned.

I saw a quote somewhere that said something like, "the fastest way to lose best employees is for them to see how you're tolerating the worst ones."

Moreover, a recent article in Business Insider revealed that employees who trust their bosses have more energy, less stress, and fewer sick days.

You may not have in-house employees, but ghosting, missed deadlines, costly mistakes that people make without taking any ownership of their work affect your growth, sustainability, success.

Ultimately, your ability to make the desired impact while living a life that serves the dreams of your heart and soul without apology, compromise, and sacrifice depends on
...your growth & consistency as a leader, visionary, CEO,
...and your ability to assure that each person on your virtual team has...
:: clarity around the overall purpose, ambition, strategy, plans;
:: understanding of their role, responsibilities, and expectations - including providing their own feedback and suggestions;
:: confidence in their own and the collective ability, space, skills, and tools to deliver with excellence, on time, on budget.

3. Development takes time.

A-players can be brought in from the outside, and A-players can be developed from within. The key is to strike the right balance that aligns with the mission and the future of your business.

While it doesn't happen overnight, choosing to invest in intentional Leadership, Building, and Development of your virtual team will yield a multi-fold ROI & ROE in both tangible & quantifiable, and intangible & immeasurable ways.


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