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On marketing, sales, Stradivari violins, and your success

· Intentional Leader

I have a theory about marketing & sales coaching, and it's going to be triggering.

With the raise of new entrepreneurs that enter the race every day, and those who skyrocket their success in record time, we've been seeing the raise of marketing and sales experts.

Most of them mediocre at best, they keep passing on grossly watered-down theories, incomplete strategies, and long-outlived one-trick tactics.


Because lead-gen, high-ticket items, funnel hacking, client attraction, genius monetization, passive income on demand, etc. ...

... they all sound much sexier than the effort it takes to gain, develop, and apply deeper understanding of how business actually works, so that gaps, leaks, and bottlenecks can actually be identified and eliminated. (Otherwise it's like pouring water into a leaky bucket).

The real problem occurs for those who somehow manage to grow their business to their multi-6 and 7-figures...

...only to realize they have created a beast that is barely profitable, unsustainable, and is forcing the business owners to keep sacrificing what matters to them the most: health, integrity, time for themselves, time with their families, even ability to serve, and grow.

And all the madness is only amplified when various VAs, OBMs, and other creative & techy virtual talent is brought on board...

Yes, even when the business brings in $15M per year, is supported by a team of 20, and pays out $100k each month in payroll...

No, building the right foundation is not sexy.

But neither are burnout, hitting glass ceiling, risk of losing your reputation, inability to leave a legacy of intentional impact.

And speaking of successful, profitable, and impactful businesses and their virtual A-teams:

Even the Stradivari violins need to be tuned...

... so in the upcoming days and weeks, I'll be sharing more about this 3rd step in the process - their continuous development, and how that helps you eliminate gaps, leaks, and bottlenecks in order to inspire intentional living, business, leadership & impact.