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How to multiply ROI when building a Virtual Team for your business

Hire fast, fire slow

· Intentional Leader

Organization charts, and personality & strength tests, and performance measuring metrics are great, but are not the only things that matter in building up your (virtual) team of A-players.

While most say to hire slow and fire fast, I learned that the opposite goes a long way.

FIRST: It's an investment to bring a new person on board. Besides, building a team when you actually need it, is costly in lost time, money, productivity, focus, and energy.

When I built my first virtual team with the intention of moving from the implementer to the CEO, I budgeted 3 months for them to learn the ins and outs of my clients' needs, wants, teams, preferences, and goals - while I fully compensated them for their time.

Only then, they were formally introduced and took over the management & deliverables.

Doing so also enabled me to take 3-month paid maternity leave, and gave me peace of mind knowing that my clients were taken care of.

SECOND: There are things one simply cannot learn like they do when it comes to particular job-related skillset. And your heart will know when someone is the right person for your company.

So, if you do it correctly, have a proper strategy in place, and invest in your own development as well as in theirs...

... chances are your team member will outgrow their initially-intended role.

As a cutting-edge, Intentional Leader, do take pride in expanding their mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity & skills to empower them to step up into bigger role, initiatives, and responsibilities.

It's an investment that yields multi-fold return!