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Leadership principles that stood the test of time, but need to be applied differently now

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Before I transitioned [grew] into mentoring, coaching and consulting, I owned a virtual business management and consulting agency. In fact, I started out as a VA.

The experience offered me unique insights into the growth & expansion mindset as well as into the underbelly of successful service-based businesses:

I got my hands on (strategically improving) their leadership, team, operations, management, marketing, and sales ... all while starting, growing, and running my own.

In doing so, I leveraged a wide range of experience and expertise I had transferred from working in a private sector prior to that - from the operations and marketing of multi-million-dollar nationwide enterprises to small local businesses.

This was a terrific opportunity to put into action comprehensive theoretical knowledge I gained during my Masters of Business Administration studies (while working in the HR & operations department of my Alma mater after I retired from playing NCAA D-I basketball).

Nevertheless, it was my international basketball career that instilled in me some of the most crucial characteristics of effective, efficient, and inspired (team) leadership:

  • self-management
  • communication & teamwork
  • accountability & responsibility
  • commitment & grit
  • holding a vision
  • decisiveness & courage
  • vulnerability & transparency
  • patience & calmness
  • strategic thinking & intuitive wisdom

So yes, this is my life's work, and I am thrilled to be now guiding successful, open-hearted, and forward-thinking service-based experts & leaders who dare to dream, who think and play bigger, and want to put a stamp on the future.

Speaking of the future.


There is a key principle that has stood the test of time AND that the next-level & cutting-edge Intentional Business Leaders nowadays need to understand, embrace, and embody differently in order to create multidimensional and sustainable success with more free time, excitement, joy, fulfillment, and significant contribution for themselves and others:

There are dozens of different business models, each...

  • compatible with unique monetization;
  • needing different approach based on its life-cycle;
  • requiring specific marketing & sales strategies;
  • dictating particular operations & management;
  • relying on A-players team building & development...

... all thriving on unwavering confidence, clarity, conviction, and anchored & built out through Growth Strategies, Expansion Mindset, Intuitive Wisdom & Transformation.

Is this something that resonates with you, and calls you to step up your game?

Indeed, in our commitment to excellence in high-value service, we go deeper, wider, higher, and farther, and we utilize our 6-Prisms Framework and holistic 360-approach to guide you not only to where you want to go, but to where you & your team ought to be.