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Leadership & responsibility: this is where I stand

· Intentional Leader

A passionate debate is going on in a group of coaches, about who is responsible for clients results.


The vote is almost unanimous: clients are responsible for their own results.


Some go as far as to say that when the clients don't do the work, when their participation is no longer aligned, it's time for the coach to fire that client.


As a coach myself, a former athlete and team captain, I disagree.


See, I am a firm believer in teamwork, And the only way teamwork works, it through leadership.


Simple definition of leadership is "art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal."


And here it is.


As coaches, we are not only motivators.


In fact, motivation is only 1/3 of what it's needed to achieve desired results!


Inspiration is the second piece.


And as coaches, we are responsible TO our clients, meaning they come to us to help them unlock and access their inner guidance. To tap into their infinite source. Their inspiration.


"Our goal is to win a championship!" was made clear to us as a team when I played basketball.


Getting there over the years that followed, requited a multitude of factors to realign; factors that extended way beyond sheer talent, skill set, and physical readiness...


That HOW was only about 20%!


On a team of 15 players (all from different parts of the world, each with our own story, attitude, commitment, grit), there were 15 different WHY that had to be realigned!


Because WHY is 80% - it's the inner game.


That was a job of our coaches.


And that was my job as a team captain.


Imagine if at any point, we would give up on a player because they went through a rough patch? When they were discouraged because they were the slowest on the team? Not getting enough playing time? Had domestic issues distract them?


Worse - if the players were let go of, kicked off the team, just like that?


[In fact - there was a time when I was that struggling player! And I was not given up on, which granted me a unique insight, and instilled in my unique appreciation for this work.]


See, in addition to helping each find their own source of inspiration, and them motivate them, coaches - leaders - also have the responsibility to help them with the third piece of the puzzle: commitment to take aligned action.


Look, my mission for my company is to elevate humanity from the current culture of disconnection, isolation, artificial solutions, and unmanaged stress.


Here, we are committed to helping leaders like you to (re)connect to the infinite grace and power of your higher-self. We know this enables you to expand into limitless possibilities, create and attract new opportunities, and enjoy more quality time and a better, more fulfilling experience of your life and work.


And that brings me back to the beginning of this post:


Whether you have 1 or 100 clients, you are a team.

As a coach, you are a leader.

As a consultant, you are a leader.

As an expert people hire to help them with your services, you are a leader.

As a business owner, you are a leader.

As someone who hires (employees or subcontractors), you are a leader.

Whether you have 1 or 100 staff members, you are a team.


And before you can raise the bar, uphold the expectations, expand your vision, and hold that space,... need to step up and into that space yourself: mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually, including your skillset.


Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you more about the three stages of Intentional Leadership to help you simplify, magnify, amplify, and intensify everything you (and your team) put into the world so passionately and naturally... that you can elevate the conversations, perspective, and attitude around your ideas, vision, and possibilities for the future of your unique design.