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The most passionate tango I've ever danced with this thing called Destiny

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Yup, we're moving to Slovenia! And yup, shit hit the fan and
everything's upside down. Nope, we're not backing down. Here's how we're
navigating it all with relative sanity.

(My hubby won't be happy with me sharing this because we intended to
keep it all under the wraps. But I have to trust that there's a bigger
reason behind this nudge to open up.)

Let's begin by saying that: 

- this is my dream 8-years in the making! Yet the resistance is real, in all it's glory

- we only said YES in August without having a clue about the "how"

- the ambitious me planned to be all done & moved by today's date

- after the initial momentum, shit hit the fan 4 weeks into our journey. 

See, in concept, it's a pretty straightforward endeavor:

- Find the new home (done).

- Sell the current one (done-ish).

- Pack up.

- Move. 

And remember, I've done it before; 18 years ago, I arrived to NYC
with 3 suitcases. And I can do it again. (I am pretty sure I could
Marie-Kondo my way to 3 suitcases again.)

Except this time, it's not just me. Plus, every of these "tabs"
opens up into about 3,000 bullet points, each requiring the others to
fall in place in a timely and sequenced order. For example:

➢ Changing kids' school mid-year to a whole new continent?

Of course a friend of mine opened an academy just a walking distance
from where we'll be! It ticks off all of our boxes, and is waiting for

➢ Finding a potential house buyer in a matter of a week?

Yup, two as a matter of fact! Even got butterflies during their
walk-though, y'all! Only to see the deals fall though on the actual
signing day...

➢ Shipping belongings in the middle of supply-chain crisis, rate hikes, and massive delays?

Got some options here.

➢ Relocating two large dogs & a senior cat who are anything but "cargo-ready" material?

Of course the zoozies would prefer to fly charter, but they don't
have the monies for it, do they... But I think we figured that one out
as well. I hope...

➢ Getting it all done by a pre-set and contractually-agreed upon deadline?

Time's just an illusion, right? Although the ticking of the clock in getting annoyingly loud.

If we only knew this was just a warmup! 

Because then, the most disappointing news hit regarding another key element of this whole endeavor!

My solution-oriented-optimisticly-strategic self could come up with
at least three ways to make it work, but was told to sit this one out.
(As much as it hurt, and as much as this sense of guilt was mounting.
Why? Because it's me who kept insisting we do this trans-Atlantic move
back to my hometown. All would be fine if I didn't go poke the sleeping
giant. Even though it is for the sake of the kids and our own

We mourned. Got angry. Felt let down. Scared. Disappointed. Conflicted.

Now what? Do we stop? Who in their right mind would take that big of
a risk? How can I ask for a such massive sacrifice? So much is riding
on this, do we just suck it up and stay? At least it's a safe and
responsible thing to do... Well, have we met?

How can this become the biggest blessing? A portal to a whole new
reality we did not know even existed? To a livelihood so much better
than we could ever dream of?

It has also been the most humbling experience: 

To lean on our vast network.

To knock on new doors.

To ask uncomfortable questions.

To ask for help.

I put (new) big-girl boots on and get down to business on a whole new level.

For me. For my husband. For us. For our family. For our lineages.

How are we keeping it all together? 


1.) We don't. We're scared shitless. But instead of forcing toxic positivity, we play it all out.

2.) We talk things through. Even when we sound like a broken record. And
especially when we disagree. Which is oftentimes; I am a force of
nature, an optimistic visionary who goes all in, while he is leaping
into something he never thought he would do - and is doing it anyway.

3.) We're not going at it alone. May it be moving (and turning your massive
vision into reality), or building out the next leg of your business
story, or something else: we cannot do it alone. Having the right
support makes all the difference. We have each other. We have our
mentors. And healers. And coaches. Therapists. Strategists. Agents. You
name it. 


Still, it's one of the most passionate tango I've ever danced with this thing called Destiny.

Above all, we keep holding the vision.

We keep moving forward.

And we choose to trust the Trust and have faith in Faith.

Because this isn't just about the strategic puzzles or mindset work.
It's an activation into the next-level. It's upgrading of our
energetic. It's elevating our vibratory frequencies. It's catapulting us
on a whole new trajectory. So even when there might be little to no
evidence of things progressing in the 3D world, there are tectonic
shifts occurring in the Ethers.

Now, I am still not sure why I felt so strongly about sharing this
experience as it's still unfolding. So ought to simply trust that it
serves a purpose.


P.S.: If you consider yourself an unconventional woman leader and are ready to reclaim your power, the command of your time, and the
audacity & magic of your dreams... And turn those into actual
reality (most of my clients do, within a year or two after 25 years of
wishing and hoping)... In other words, are you ready to go from feeling
unrelatable to unstoppable?

I have several ways to INSPIRE + EDUCATE + DEMONSTRATE + APPLY + TRANSFORM your life, harmonize your home, simplify work. Reach out and
we'll find the right fit.

P.P.S.: And if you're interested in a beautifully maintained center hall colonial with fenced-in acreage right by the woods, and only
30mi North from Manhattan, let me know

Yup. Totally shameless about sharing this - it's something the "old me" would never had the courage to do :-)