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7 Things About Dark Depths & High Altitudes of Life

· Intentional Living,Mindset,leadership,transformation

The Universe knows I do not have it all figured out. [I am not always right, just when I know I am🤣]. Here’s 7 things I do know about dark depths & high altitudes of life:


1.) Every time we are pushed to uplevel, when someone sees us in ways we forgot to see ourselves, it's uncomfortable.

No matter how accomplished, it's easier to want to retract.

Magic and miracles happen when we're willing to step up and into the next version of ourselves.


Here's another observation (from 38 years of life experience as an elite athlete, scholar, business woman, and mentor to badass people; from 20,000+ hours of training & practice; from working with hundreds of clients around the wolrd):


2.) Achievements make for cozy security blankets.

Measures of self-worth.

Means to external validation.

They can fuel this illusion of belonging.

You know, you're kind of aware of your awesomeness. You're kind of proud of all you've done. But in this inverted way that has you consistently striving for more.

Except, you are never quite there... And the-next-thing still doesn't quite expand your true confidence.


3.) Truly owning your magic in the most pristine and catalyzing way requires work. 

Embracing your (unconventional) superpowers, emerging from the shadows of other people’s expectations and perceptions...

Reclaiming your power, the command of your time, the vastness of your (still unrealized) dreams...

Simplifying and harmonizing complexities of life so that you can show up in ways you did not think were possible...

Making your life your legacy...

It takes guts.

Commitment. Heart.


Burning off of all that no longer belongs. Cracking of the clay so that your gold can shine through. Playing in the Vibrational Certainty.


4.) And... an unwavering support from someone who has been through the fires.

Who understands the darkness of the depths and can also maneuver high altitudes and velocities.

Who has the stamina and capacity to hold your aura and to expand your already-grand vision.

Who is willing to tell you what you need to hear, and is able to show you ways that are meaningful to you.

It's really humbling to be told by clients that I have been this person for them. Just as it's incredible to receive messages like this one:

"Not only are your words like energy healing, there is a rhythm that dissolves pain, fear, and each sentence to give us the ability to focus on that’s next. To give us something specific to focus on, to move forward, even drawn new perspectives, ideas, answers, possibilities out of them. Sara, you give a completely different framework and concepts to work with & play in! So after 25 years of working on this thing, it finally bloomed in all its magic."


5.) A lot has changed for me over the past several years. 

I've achieved more than most ever will by the time I was 30 years old.

I've also been through depression, burnout, and the Dark Night of the Soul.

I completed identities, emerged new ones.

I have transformed my life, home, marriage, business...

Many times over.

In spite of fear.

My scars give me perspective. Empathy. Wisdom.T

I am a transformation mentor, master life coach, and certified mindset expert with strategic mind, healing touch & Bubby energy.

Seer of possibilities.

Elevator of perspective.


Loving MommaBear and a proud homemaker. A wife exalted in my husband's love.

I am a woman of substance who believes in you!


6.) I know there's this spark in you that the world has told you to hide.

Despite it, you have moved mountains and became a trailblazer who still has so much to give. But for that, you now need to rekindle that spark. To believe in the power of your own magic!

My magic powers include holding space where you feel inspired. Safe to take off your mask and to fall apart. To not know until you do. Become aware of your gifts. Embrace yourself. And to truly thrive!


7.) One thing that has remained true since I started doing this in 2011... the fact that I LOVE nothing more than working with badass, unconventional Mystic, high-achieving clients who are ready for more. For something different.

Women in particular, who are ready to transform from feeling unrelatable to being unstoppable. Because the world is ready for ALL of who they are.


My best work emerges in an intimate setting with each client who enters this sacred space, willing to commit to herself.

She knows that she's safe to fall apart.

To not know until she does.

To embrace & reconfigure complexities of life.

She believes in the fire of her heart & knowing of her soul.

She dares to go the distance.

And to soar! Do you?


I am enrolling private clients, and filling up a micro-mastermind/coaching experience (5 women) for 2023. This is your chance to apply.


But only if you're willing to make a significant investment of money, time, energy, old beliefs.

Indeed, a year might feel like a long time to commit to, especially in these rapidly-changing environments. And we don't know what this time together can bring to you; how far you'll be ready to go, or how much rest and re-calibration you'll require. Or what results become truly meaningful and important to you.


Can you simply expect the unexpected?