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What does it mean to GO FIRST?

· Success Strategies,Mindset,Intentional Leader

What does it mean to go first?

The women I have had the honor of working with were never really asking to be told what to do in order to achieve their next big goal. Most of them, they have already been “there” and have already “had it all.” 


This is a totally different game.


These creative, heart-centered achievers are re-imagining the possible. Re-emerging into the world in ways that reflects all they innately are. 

They are embracing whatever is looking to emerge through them. 

They are stepping up and into their power to be able to receive, to hold, to maneuver, to give so much.


This is their time for reinvention and deep transformation. They are transforming themselves, their organizations, their homes, their lives. 

The world.


So no, there is no one who can possibly tell them what to do. 

Besides, what these Aquarian leaders are meant to create, cannot be done in a linear nor conventional way.


Indeed, there is something thrilling about going first.


There is this sense of responsibility about being the first in a family. In a lineage. It is humbling. It's healing. It is scary. 

Yet this willingness to unravel so much and blaze their own paths, it is just so liberating!


Going first requires strength and stamina. Sometimes silence and solitude.

Going against the grind and against the norms and expectations, it requires a whole lot of agility. And guts to go against what makes sense. 

And something else in order to know what cannot be believed. To believe what cannot be felt. To feel what cannot be seen. To see what is yet to be known.


So, these mystics require feeling seen, heard, and held. 

They’re calling in expansive trans-dimensional support and guidance. 

Especially at the speed with which they are going.


And that's exactly what happens when we get together... there is this synergy, an enchanting frequency that collapses timelines, moves mountains, and shifts trajectories. 

It’s work. It’s play. It’s magic.