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What triggers quantum leaps, and why high-achievers so easily sabotage themselves?

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To think "This is my year, I will totally transform my life!" can be really overwhelming. Too scary. And let's be honest - a recipe for a failure. So let's screw cliches because unsustainable shock to the system will ultimately send you right back to where you started. (If you're lucky. Not to mention this wicked satisfaction of remaining stuck in such cycle - more on that another time.)

Let's instead re-imagine the possible in new ways.

Let's imagine approaching this strategically. Intuitively. So that we create the most natural flow for you.

And look, I get it: "If it was up to what feels good, I'd binge-watch Netflix with Ben and Jerry in one, and a bottle of Prosecco in the other hand."

That's why we ask this differently: "What feels good, and what makes you feel good about yourself? If we were to meet a year from now, and you'd tell me all about the best year you'd just experienced, what would you tell me about?"

There you have it - now simply reverse-engineer it!

And take the first step.

Sometimes, that is to actually clear the shit that's clogging your brain, closets, desk-drawers, computer space, purse (and your energy). Do it or drop it. Your call.

OK next, redesign the order of priorities.

Ready to put yourself first? I know, I broke our in hives and hyperventilating the first time I was asked to do so because, you know, "as a strong woman, I ought to do it all. I can do it all. And for god's sake, I have to if I want it done right and on time! There are not enough hours in a day to prioritize me AND then take care of all the other commitments!"

Guess what? This has actually very little to do with the chronological time, Gregorian calendar, and [mani & pedi] appointments. Even less so with hyper-individualism and everything with HONORING your complexity as a woman, your gifts, and your mission. You'll see.

The thing is, a year will pass by anyway. You will still have to get up in the morning, and do the work. The question is - will you dread every step, and wonder what it could be if you chose differently?

Because you can also take a stand for what's looking to emerge through you, and say YES to yourself and your future and your trans-generational legacy in a way that will make you feel FULFILLED, EXALTED, EMPOWERED, INSPIRED.

You can do so right now. You can do it tomorrow. Or next month. Or next year. Or not at all.

But, if I have learned anything, is this:

  1. By the time we think we're ready, it's too late.
  2. Quantum leaps are triggered by a singular step and focus.
  3. All it takes is 20 seconds of insane bravery and audacity.

(BTW, it will make absolutely no sense to anyone, so don't waste time seeking consensus. The answer is already in your knowing.)

So the question remains: "What & who are you (re)claiming?"

This one simple decision can alter your whole trajectory and transform your entire life. In a year or less.