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You have the desire, now what?

Have you ignited your Desires with the help of yesterday's post?
Have you updated your vision board and started to take action to manifest your dreams into reality?

What I want to talk to you about today, is what happens next... so that you're prepared when gremlins and demons come up, and work overtime to shrink you and your new-found vision back into the small, safe, and comfortable one.


As someone who's been living my life in leaps and bounds, I am very familiar with that feeling of paralyzing fear.

Tell me if any of these feel familiar:
• What if I fail?
• What if this actually works and I can't handle it?
• What will they think?
• What if it turns out that after I achieve this, I will no longer want to settle for the life we have now?
• What if I hurt my family along the way, jeopardize their well-being?
• What if I don't survive this leap?
• Can I really say YES even when I have no idea how to make it happen? If I say 'fuck it, I am in' how do I know exactly what follows, what will come up, what will happen, how will I survive?
• I know this is exactly what I want and need, but I should wait until [insert your reasons why not now]
• I know what I need to do, I will get right to it...
• This is exactly what I help my clients with, I can and SHOULD figure this out on my own...

Congratulations, you're still only a human! One who cares deeply, and has a deep sense of integrity in all that you do!

And these questions are nothing more than a sophisticated mechanism designed to keep you and your new-found vision small, safe, and comfortable...

...because all that you are truly after is already awaiting for you on the other side - when you properly upgrade your so-called operating system.

See, manifestation is not just sitting at your desk, journaling, envisioning, and wishing your vision board comes to life. Not at the level you aim to grow and leap to!

And that's what I take deep pride into as a Master Mindset Mentor, Intuitive Business & Life Success Strategist - it's creating an exclusive environment for you to step into, onto, where I become a catalyst for your success.

And in this space, I don't just tell you what and how to do it (a format you're probably used to from various programs and courses you've already invested in)...

...I show you exactly who to become - how to become that version of you who makes it all happen, who let's it all to happen FOR you.

And that means that we work on your mindset, energy just as much as we work though the mechanics of your life and business - from the model and offers, to strategies and tactics that we customize to your needs, goals, wants, desires. And your lifestyle and family dynamic.

Because what's the point of giving you a blueprint fitting for a workaholic who's happy hustling and grinding 40+ hours per week, investing a fortune in sales copy, funnels, traffic, and all that jazz to close about 1% of the audience into a low-fee program or course...

...when you can make more in less time, with less effort, with greater joy, ease, fulfillment, and in a way that transforms your clients' lives and businesses [whatever your Genius does for them]... without sacrificing your freedom, integrity, marriage, connection & time with your kids, etc?

Oh, I totally geek out just talking about this, so let's get out of the bolts and nuts and back to the main point of this letter:

At any given time, I only work with a max of 5 private clients! Fully focused on bringing out the best in each one of them, I help them develop their full potential, and we keep pushing beyond their limits... based on who they are, what they do, how they do it, what they want... And those limits are not set by what I do for myself, or how I do it.

Our exclusive, unique, flexible, and highly-curated & customized programs (Intentional Impact Program - Global Experience or VIP Days) are masterfully designed to cater to very specific needs of many different businesses with the powerful framework of:
• Unlimited mentoring, coaching, and consulting
• Private multi-day destination experiences [retreats]
• Access for accountability and support
• Library of resources
• Holding space and sharing of energy
• and more

That's what creates rapid transformations, radical and lasting results each client gets to leverage long after our time together has passed!

The difference between staying on the ledge and leaping, Sara, is choosing to be OK with the fear, to do it regardless...

Yes, it can be nauseating... because though there leads the path to where you want to be... which is at the levels where you have never been before. And it's scary.

You already know what you want. You already have the answer.

You can choose to keep this going, waiting and dragging it out, keeping yourself busy (your highly driven and intelligent mind loves it).

Or, the transformation starts now, today - because today, you choose to go for it;
today, you choose to commit; today, you choose you.
Today, you choose to start flying.

Today is the day. Let's talk.