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All that I am

There are people some younger and others older than me

making millions every month,

their beautiful souls living in their gorgeous bodies,

their hearts beating for their handsome soulmates

and their wonderful children as they

travel to exquisite places,

and do marvelous work of service,

all the time.


Instead of seeing in them all the reasons

why I shouldn't do/say what I do/say because

"obviously, they are better than me"

and "who do I think I am to do/say..."

I am grateful for their presence.


Shining their own light,

they show me what is available as I

remain on my own path, living my truth,

fulfilling my dharma, and in any moment

feeling enough

just as I am.


Read this again.


This streamed though me this morning, and I am passing it onto you to remember in the moments when you find yourself comparing to others, measuring your success, desires, pains against theirs, and are feeling all this pressure and expectations dim your light and mute the calling of your heart.


Remembering to remain myself, to operate from my zone of genius, and to shine my light brightly, has been an integral part on every step of my own journey - whether on the basketball court, in a classroom, office, as well as a parent and a wife.


Besides, be you, the world needs you - everyone else is already taken .