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This 87-year tradition once was only a vision

Last week, my husband and I took our daughters to the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. What a beautiful experience!
This year marks the 87th year of the show that features their iconic style of precision dance, and that has been shared with generations of families.
In fact, my husband's grandparents took him to see the show more than 30 years ago. And now, he took our girls...
87 years. The tradition that once was one one's vision, idea, a wish. Turned into a legacy.
Each year, it's brought forth with 150 cast members - and hundreds of experts who remain behind the scenes. Aligned to the common vision, dedicated to team success, each brings their gifts, talents, and work ethics that uplift and inspire one another.
Now the scope of your vision may not be that vast, and yet I would love to invite you to make it such.
Can you allow yourself to dream that big?
What's coming up for you?
Additionally, I hope that whatever you're working on building, that you're not trying to make it into reality all on your own...
And that's one of the reasons the Intentional Impact Program Global Experience has been designed, to facilitate that journey for you (and your team) every step of the way...
...and in a way that honors your family and enables you to create with & for them unforgettable experiences as we help you make your life your legacy.