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    Welcome new dimensions to life while feeling at home with yourself


    Welcome to the luxuriously sacred space where you can feel at home. At home with yourself. Where you can let your guard down, dissolve the mask of toughness, pressures and responsibilities of high-achieving, and not know until you do. A space where you can complete old identities and emerge all that's calling to be born. Evolve towards all that truly matters to you. For those you love the most.



    This is not your basic life coaching or business consulting. It's a multi-dimensional experience inspired by my own journey from an international elite athlete (and affinity to measure my worthiness based my ability to perform as an entrepreneur), to becoming a loving mom to two remarkable girls, a devoted wife exalted in my husband's love, and proud homemaker who floats in timelessness while running a business... I overcame depression, severe burnout and deep disconnect that led me though the Dark Night of the Soul on my relentless devotion to reconnecting with myself again.

    "This is the most versatile and custom-designed experience, and partnership you did not know you were looking for!" - Linda Lopeke


    Expand the capacity to create, expect the unexpected, and receive & hold the love, support, intimacy, spaciousness and limitless possibilities you once could only wishfully journal about with the help of unprecedented access to support, guidance, feedback and spaciousness. It's sophisticated yet quite simple:

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    There are no formulas, and no two results are alike. Why? Because we take what's working for you. We honor what you love.


    We unlock what's already there but you just can't see it on your own. We focus on what matters to you. And amplify it. Then, we simplify, transform and release the rest.

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    Stripping away the layers of conditioning of how things should look like and examining which chains of programming ought to be broken, and which are the gifts.


    We gather pieces of you, your heritage, your calling that came from conversation, energetic initiations, activations, and core teachings of your lineage.

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    We help you re-define & refine, explore & discover, design & architect frameworks & outlets, along with next-step possibilities & opportunities.


    In other words, we channel strategies (and contingency plans) and, when needed, give you simple "marching orders" that match your vibratory frequency, vision, and mission.

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    In the process, you get to deepen your understanding, fine-tune your timing, and experience the richness of life, abundance of space, and flow of creativity in a new way that excites, fulfills, and inspires you.


    You get to transform, simplify, harmonize your work, home, relationships, and life.

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    By collapsing time and realigning you to your natural rhythm, we help you with sequencing so that you can reach, activate & reclaim your Primal Power.


    We set new standards that elevate you and those around you, and do the work that will continue to change the world to the better.

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    Evolve towards all that you did not even know was possible, and expand towards all that matters to you. In life, at home, at work, and for your legacy.


    This is the key, especially now that things are changing so rapidly, when there's never enough time. When we're experiencing & influencing massive socioeconomic and political shifts. And when we operate in the quantum field.

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    Destination retreat location: Škofja Loka, Slovenia, Europe

    - my hometown


    If you are ready, open and available to make time, energy, and travel commitments, reach out, and are willing to prioritize your personal, professional & spiritual development, and are not scared of making a substantial investment in yourself, into your into future (and truly, in your lineage & legacy), reach out. Let's start a deeper conversation to figure out what you deeply want and need.


    Please note that due to the depth of the work we do, and level of intensity I personally invest in you, this experience is reserved for only three private clients at the time!

  • To facilitate your extraordinary expansion and all that it brings, this is the framework where you receive: 

    • Scheduled & on-demand (speed-dial) access to private mentoring, consulting, coaching, healing, and accountability by me personally
    • VIP Days (virtual) that can be focused on for visioning, recalibration, healing, executive, strategic and/or tactical planning, or anything else that requires your undivided attention
    • Time and space for rest, activation, integration, and embodiment
    • Sharing of the energy, masterful holding of space & vision, and casting of spells (energetic projections) to give you the edge
    • 4-day private celebratory retreat at the destination of your choosing:
      - medieval Škofja Loka, Slovenia
      - metropolitan New York City, USA
      - tropical Hawaii, USA

    Each location, with its own energy, nature, and architecture - not to mention delicious food - complements and enriches the journey, and serves as a cascading backdrop to activating your mind, igniting your inspiration, pampering your body, and nourishing your soul. And at each of the locations an intentionally chosen gift awaits for you.

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    OPTION 1: 9 months of private support + 3-month bonus,

    3 VIP days & 4-day private retreat.

    Exchange: 180,000 + VAT


    OPTION 2: 18 months of private support,
    6 VIP days, 3 private 4-day retreats.


    VALUE: priceless

    Email me at sara(@)makeyourlifeyourlegacy(.)com, or apply here:

    Travel & accomodation are not included but will be happy to help with recommendations.
    For couples and team options, email me directly at sara(@)makeyourlifeyourlegacy(.)com
    Value Added Tax (VAT) when it applies. Ask for details.
    All sales are final, nonrefundable and nontransferable.










    Destination retreat location: New York, USA

    - my home of 18 years

  • "The entire program is amazing! And all three locations are incredible too!! Each offers an entirely different perspective which is, I think, one of the coolest opportunities for inspiration ever. Sara has a way to make you look deep into your soul. Make your next year a year to remember with the Intentional Impact Program."

    - Linda Lopeke


    "Not only are your words like energy healing, there is a rhythm that dissolves pain, fear, and each sentence to give us the ability to focus on what’s next. To give us something specific to focus on, to move forward, even draw new perspectives, ideas, answers, possibilities out of them. You give a completely different framework and concepts to work with & play in."

    - Harmony Sedona


    "The co-creation, synergy efficiencies, and dynamic you establish, transcend simple productivity gains, financial gains, and cost-saving (which alone are worth the investment and pretty much pay for it), and bring a whole new dimension into your client's life, business, boardroom, home."

    - G.B.


    Truly thriving as an elite performer, unconventional leader, contemporary mystic has less to do with choosing either or. Instead, we're shifting into a new paradigm.


    A field where it's completely safe to get back to self without toppling over all that you've worked so hard for. Where you can continue to be a leader, to generate wealth, and can also celebrate and receive what you already have in your life. Where you know you are loved and enough because you are, regardless of some tangible KPIs.


    I know that you already have surrounded yourself with top-level peer groups, masterminds, and that you have loyal girlfriends and a loving partner. But what I also know is there are still things you carry deep inside that just cannot be said out loud. Asked. Shared. Expressed. Which is why we are here to help you re-imagine the possible, rewire your life, reclaim your power, and emerge anew. Question then is, how long do do you need? And are you ready to get started?






    Destination retreat location: Hawaii, USA
    - a place that made my soul feel at home


    To celebrate your journey, and to align you to what's available to you next, you get to enjoy our private 3-day retreat at the location of your choosing. We will set the intentional and co-create the framework for it together. Here is just something to get you inspired and to ignite your imagination:

    • The energy exuding from a thousand-year town while reflecting on your own remarkable and ambitious journey, and soul-driven mission? So that we can clarify and achor it...
    • Walking among deeply-rooted trees (on sky-scraping architectual masterpieces), having conversations that take you to the root of your vision? So that we can then strategize, plan & align you to your exact next steps...
    • Relaxing at the rhythmic sound of water that washes ashore that helps you activate and re-calibrate to what you are calling in? So that you can be energized to roll up your sleeves and get things done/written/designed...
    Let me know, I'd love to hear what makes your heart skip a beat, and what experience would make it all worthwile for you.

    ...that you are welcome to bring your family along to the Destination Retreat as a Thank-you for their support? Imagine this being a way to do your work free of guilt; a way to be a model for your kids. And, a way to spend quality time with them as we turn your working trip into a fun family adventure where they experience the world?


    ...that you can turn the Destination Retreat into your Strategic Planning event with your key team members? Whether as a reward for all that they do, or to support & empower continuous growth of your enterprise, this is a terrific opportunity to tap into the collective brilliance, and bring it all together to ignite your future success and impact.


    ...that you can gift your Star Team Member with the Destination Retreat experience as a reward for their incredible contribution to your business' success, and a way to continue investing into their growth, evolution, skills, performance?


    ...and that the whole program, along with travel and accommodation, counts as a business expense?


    Email me directly at sara(at)saraoblakspeicher(.)com, or apply below:

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    OPTION 1: 9 + 3 months of private support,

    3 VIP days & 4-day private retreat.

    Exchange: 180,000 € + VAT


    OPTION 2: 18 months of private support,
    6 VIP days, 3 private 3-day retreats.


    VALUE: priceless

    Email me at sara(@)makeyourlifeyourlegacy(.)com, or apply here:

    Travel & accomodation are not included but will be happy to help with recommendations.
    For couples and team options, email me directly at sara(@)makeyourlifeyourlegacy(.)com
    Value Added Tax (VAT) when it applies. Ask for details.
    All sales are final, nonrefundable and nontransferable.