Some of our service are available on a sliding scale, at different prices depending on your individual access to money and wealth, both current and historical. Our sliding scale is an intentional effort to distribute resources equitably between our clients, and each will be address on case-by-case basis during our interviewing process.


    Please take this 3 minute quiz below to find out which pricing option you qualify for.


    Try not to get hung up in the technicalities of these questions. The idea is for you to weigh your level of privilege, so if you’re stuck on a detail in a specific question, lean into the simple yes or no of, “Do I have privilege with this topic?”


    To figure out what the exchange for our services will be, please take out a piece of paper, and write 1-18 on the paper. Then take this short quiz, writing Yes or No next to each number.


    At the end, tally up your NOs.


    If at the end of this quiz*, you qualify for a lower tuition tier, but you have access to funds for a higher one, you might consider still applying at the higher tier, as an act of community solidarity for those who might need the lower tier spots. Of course, if you need the lower tier, please feel free to apply at that level.


    1. Are you a homeowner or landowner?
    2. Did your parents or primary caregivers own their home while you were growing up?
    3. In the last 12 months have you been able to pay all of your bills on time, even if you’ve had some anxiety about it?
    4. Do you have financial ease accessing healthcare or health insurance for you or your family members?
    5. Are you unburdened by healthcare costs related to disability or chronic health challenges?
    6. Do you have zero to little debt, and/or only debts for things that are a privilege, like mortgage payments?
    7. Do you have easy access to disposable income for things like eating out, vacations, and shopping, without having to save or shuffle?
    8. Do you have a safety net composed of “financially stable” or wealthy family and friends?
    9. Does your income only support you, and not other loved ones?
    10. Do you share household expenses, including expenses for any dependents, with a partner or family member?
    11. Have you or do you expect to inherit money or property?
    12. Have you (or could you) have attended college and/or graduate school?
    13. Did your parents or other family members pay for your college education, in part or in full? (If you live outside the US in a country where college tuition is free/affordable/paid for by the government, please select Yes here).
    14. Do you have citizenship by birth in the country in which you reside, or are you an expat by choice?
    15. Are you part of a racial group that has current and/or historical wealth/access advantages?
    16. Has your life been free of racial discrimination?
    17. Has your life been free of debilitating chronic pain, illness or mental health challenges that have impacted your ability to work, save or earn money?
    18. Has your life been free of discrimination or financial barriers based on your gender-identity or sexual orientation?

    If you answered No to a total of 15-18 questions (mostly No) → LEVEL 4
    If you answered No a total of 10-14 questions (more no than yes) → LEVEL 3
    If you answered No to a total of 4-9 questions (equal or more yes than no) → LEVEL 2
    If you answered No to a total of 0-3 questions (almost all yes) → LEVEL 1


    LEVEL 1

    Add 25%

    to the full price


    20% of available spaces

    LEVEL 2


    Also "True" Price


    50% of available spaces

    LEVEL 3

    Deduct 29%

    off the full price


    20% of available spaces

    LEVEL 4

    Deduct 58%

    off the full price


    10% of available spaces

  • *This format and quiz are inspired by and utilized by AORTA (anti-oppression resource and training alliance)


    30% Operations & Team

    As an extremely lean business, our operational expenses such as overhead, technology, collateral material, membership and processing fees, etc. are relatively low (although this percentage might change over time). This provides plenty of space to honor & adequately compensate the experts we bring on board, both client-facing coaches, mentors, facilitators, as well as the behind-the-scenes team of assistants and consultants to assure it all runs as seamlessly as possible.

    30% Owner's Pay

    Sara's projected take-home portion of the revenue is currently intended at 30%. As the business owner, CEO, COO, lead coach, marketer, and visionary (just to name a few roles), she bares the sole responsibility for the company's success and therefore success of the team and that of her clients. The income is therefore proportionate with her role, but is not tied to the amount of time she spends on and in her business and with her clients; it reflects the value she provides.

    20% Profit & (re)Investment

    As a visionary company, we strive to build a multi-faceted business that serves a wider community in various capacities. This requires capital and so a portion of our revenues is dedicated to finance such vision. Not to mention, it's always good to have so-called rainy-day stash.

    15% Taxes

    As a for-profit corporation, we are taxed at approximately 35% of our annual income. Because most of our expenses count as business expenses or donations, setting aside 15% of gross income tends to cover our tax responsibilities.

    5% Donations

    We are proud supporters of various causes and are committed to even more intentional and substantial collaboration with chosen organizations along the way.