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On peak performance and montherhood

What do you think about "peak performance" and motherhood? See, I've developed an interesting relationship with the term over the past few years. During my elite international basketball career, physical and mental performance were all that mattered to produce and exceed desired results. That was peak performance. And I took that with me into entrepreneurship, and even parenting.

Show up.

Push through.

Try harder.

Don't complain.

Maintain fierce independence.

Prove worthiness.

But it got me wondering...

As a mom and business owner, I get more done multitasking than I ever had with the singular focus of an athlete.

I need to be alert, 100% at all times. Even in my sleep in case my kid whimpers, or needs me, I hear them through walls and closed doors.

But because most of it can't be measured, it somehow doesn't


Because I no longer am as physically as fit as I used to be, somehow "peak performance" wouldn't apply to me (not in my opinion much less in the opinion of others).

But the biggest breakthrough occurred when I realized that only so much that can be hustled and grinded into existence. Because of that glass ceiling called belief system. Capacity. Energetic frequency.

In other words, I had to learn to soften into receiving more than I could have even created through my physical work.

That's how I called in more miracles, and turned more "that's impossible" into "that's done" than peak performance ever could.

And that is one of the things I love the most about being a mentor to high achievers, trailblazers, in sports, business, and life.

It's holding them and their potential in higher energy, and seeing them in their wholeness. Yes, that softer side! It's listening to what they're not saying, seeing the unseen, and re-imagining the possible.

It's challenging and pushing them so that they can expand their capacity to uplevel.

It's lending them my tools and insights so that they can create tangible & duplicatable results that truly matter. That bring them joy. And that feel purposeful.

It's about lighting up their souls and making them feel alive again, not impressing others.

So yes - to me, that is peak performance - redefined.


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