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pt.4: On will and willingness to be willing

· Mindset

Deepen your understanding, fine-tune your time, and experience the richness of life, abundance of space, and flow of creativity in a new way that excites, fulfills, and inspires you.

Running my home-based business gifted me the privilege of watching my kids grow up. And witnessing each and every day just how free-spirited, deeply-imaginative, and totally unfazed by the current event of "real world" they can be.

When they immerse in play, when they tap into their childish innocence, I can just sit back and watch them for hours.

Somewhere along the way, this magic is trained out of our system. Scheduled out of our capacity. Ridiculed beyond our reach.

Before we know it, we stare in a mirror, wondering whose dull smile is in the reflection. Whose tired face that is.

Weight of responsibilities and expectations keep getting prioritized over what our soul is yearning for.

Especially when our desires are unconventional. And daring.

The most fascinating thing in all of it, are the responses from those around us whose initial disapproval ultimately stems from their envy, their disappointment that they could not fulfill their dream...

So it's time to ask ourselves, again and again... What is more disappointing? To remain in the discomfort of the know? Or to self-initiate ourselves into the temple of our truth, break the shakes of programming, summon the generational and feel alive again?

That’s where the women who come to me to coach and mentor them, do. Each one is willing to commit to herself. She knows that she's safe to fall apart. To not know until she does. To soften into receiving. To soar. She embraces complexities of life. She believes in the power of her magic. She dares to go the distance.

Because deep inside she knows that each one of us gets to transform & harmonize our work, home and life. At our will…

As long as we are willing to be willing (the what and the how then simply become details that we reconfigure together).

Personally, it's taken me several years to move from hearing this whisper to stepping into the vibratory certainty.

Along the way, there was plenty of self-gaslighting. Seeking external validation for my innate knowing. Giving my power away. Walking back on my promises to myself. Prioritizing other's comfort over my wellness.

And each time, it was observing my kids that has taught me the most. And inspired me to keep deepening my understanding, fine-tune my time, and experience the richness of life, abundance of space, and flow of creativity in ways that excite, fulfill, and inspire me.

Their trust in trust is what gave me the courage to imagine the possible in new ways, to transform and harmonize work, home and life. To have faith in faith.