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pt.5: When the unavailable becomes yours

· Mindset

The other morning, I was making crepes for breakfast while kiddos had already logged into their remote classrooms, just to be ready.

One of them started to play some game and suddenly, there was whistling. Like, sounds of whistles at all kinds of frequencies. Suddenly, it all went quiet. Except, my ears were buzzing. There was still some muffled high-pitch sound I was picking up.

"Mami, is it true that only dogs can hear this?" she asked. Well, damn, did I just turn into a dog? I hope not. Ha. But still, I could hear it.

And it was such an awesome example of how we might be convinced that something just isn't there simply because we can't see it or hear it or experience it.

And that's exactly what we're in the midst of, too. Something that I first hoped for back in 2018, is becoming a reality. Not just that - with a very specific component that I first set my eyes on in 2019, but I just could not get it. It was out of the reach.

Yet, as the years went by, it kept waiting.

And that's how the framework of the 5-part process that I have outlined over this past week or so, works.

By the time many clients come to me, they have been visioning this thing, dreaming about it, hoping for it, for years. 25, in some cases.

And yet, it’s while working with me that we bring this dream into reality - within a year or two. Or in some cases - in a matter of weeks!

We collapse time and catapult them light-years ahead. We realign the client to their natural rhythm; we help them with sequencing so that they can reach, activate & reclaim their Primal Power.

This is how we set new standards that elevate them and those around them.

With that, things that were seemingly out of reach (our of the realm of awareness, even), suddenly become not only available, but a tangible reality. How cool is that!?