A Tale of 6 generations, 3 wars, and 1 woman's cross-continental quest to reclaim Primal Power

    Reason and rules no longer apply. Anyone can access their supreme knowledge and untapped greatness that lie on the other side of (generational) patterns, fear, and perceptions. Indeed, we ran with the wolves, we became untamed...


    Dare to join me on a cross-continental journey of healing the wounds and honoring the wisdom of 6 generations of women who lived ahead of their times (and through 3 wars)? To reclaim primal power & inspire a more intentional living, loving and leading in the new era?


    That, my dear reader, is what this book is about.


    And it is not just about a vision - that would be too easy! It’s about the art and science of honoring ancient wisdom, hearing the whisper of the soul, and trusting the pulling of the heart. Even when we are caught up in the pragmatics of the 'should' and 'must'. And specially when there is no way to articulate any of it. And then, taking the leap anyway...


    It’s kind of how I have lived my life. Well, most of it at least...


    Have you ever stifled your own voice? Questioned your innate knowing? Dimmed your light for the comfort of others? Despite the vividness of what you're meant to create? Welcome in!

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    Currently, this is still a manuscript, so contact Sara Oblak Speicher directly if you would like to help bring this book to the audiences around the world.


    5 section, 36 chapters and over 100,000 words chronicle a multi-generational and cross-cultural story (historical circumstance) of my own life’s experiences (memoir) as an elite athlete, business owner, primary home provider and expat (relationships, women's issues, lifestyle, sports). Sprinkled with a pinch of mysticism and metaphysics, I take the reader on a dynamic and transformational journey (introducing you to a new phenomenon) while integrating these major topics:

    • self esteem & deep transformation
    • rooted traditions & conscious parenting, marriage
    • high-performance & mental health
    • expectation & fulfillment through work, life
    • history, politics & current cultural affairs
    • purpose & spirituality
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    Part 2

    Balancing the Imbalanced Perfectly