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    When anything is possible [Intentional Leadership 2.0]

    How to support your team & those working remotely for the first time?

    Video; Implication of disrupted routine & new working dynamics - how to empower your team to thrive at something they have not experienced before?

    5 insights to help you, your family, and your business thrive during this time

    Video; what to do when routines are disrupted, responsibility of homeschooling added to your plate, not to mention fear and uncertainty all around.

    Video; highest level of service & intentional leadership brings about priceless benefits that allow one freedom of time & choices, and the means to make greater contributions (from their overflow)

    4 strategies to remain intentional leader when tough decisions need to be made

    Video; Diving into emotional, mental, spiritual, and strategic elements to help you replace guilt and shame with empowerment, love, and the big vision when you need to make difficult decision, and let your team go.

    Coming from the space of empowerment, love, and infinite possibilities

    When teams disappoint us

    Article; intentional leadership & entrepreneurial lessons corporate offices can benefit from

    Simple business model shift to enhance service, leadership, and revenue right now

    Video; this enables our clients to go from 40 to 20-hour weeks & $150/hr to $15k retainers, and to streamline team management, client acquisition, and service delivery while adding hundreds of thousands of dollar and gaining massive amounts of free time.

    The art of intentional leadership in challenging times

    Video; How to find inner strength, ground yourself, and give yourself permission to fully feel it all without guilt, shame, pressure.

    How to successfully sell, manage, and lead - interview with Bruce Lefkowitz

    Video; Bruce shares experience, principles, and insights that are invaluable, practical, and timely. He founded of Six Pack Media, and is a veteran of over 30 years in Advertising Sales and Sales Management (at one point, he managed staff of over 400 people; the portfolio generated more than $3.8 billion in ad sales revenue).

    Coronavirus and supply chain - mindset for executives, management & teams

    I had the joy of sharing powerful insights and practical tools on mastering mindset and empowering team members with Marcia Williams and her global audience of supply chain experts, executives.

    Expand Your Mindset and Elevate Your Business free webinar series for Trade + Prosper Academy

    Learn how to trade fear for expansion (so that you can prosper in business and in life no matter what); to realign business strategies to a bigger vision and the long game (even if it feels counter-intuitive); to take back your power (and stop spinning your wheels, holding back, and feeling distracted and exhausted).

    Dr. Jen Welter is a woman who's breaking barriers on and off the football field, and in this dynamic interview, she shared many invaluable insights into what it really takes to be a pioneer, trailblazer, thought-leader.

    5-Part Series on transforming from Unrelatable to Unstoppable


    Blog series that offers inspiration, education; demonstrates how exactly to apply concepts and frameworks to truly transform your life, harmonize your home, and simplify work.

    Radical responsibility, resilience, resourcefulness

    Video; intentional leadership & entrepreneurial lessons corporate offices can benefit from

    Physical, mental & spiritual endurance for leaders (that feels good) - interview with Dianne Sykes


    Video; victorious exhaustion. How to be a champion relaxer. Owning the 2 hour pulse in your bio-rhythm.

    Dianne is a physiologist, leadership coach, and energy healer, and today we dove into what it takes to not only hold the big vision, but also have the endurance to see it through - and how to rest victoriously along the wa

    Resilience, innovation, and marketing of tomorrow - interview with Linda Lopeke

    Video; Linda's 50+ years of experience, and millions of dollars donated though her SMARTSTART program offer unique perspective on creating a lasting impact using data science and strategic thinking to drive business and marketing decisions, and deploying strategic “presence” marketing campaigns to drive sales and maximize cash flow.

    Something for the whole FAMILY to do at home with kids

    List of ideas with activities to do at home with kids during actual quarantine, school closure, weekends, etc.

    As service providers, we love going above and beyond for our clients, and we take great pride in making them happy. What to do when doing so is causing us to lose time, money, profits, even reputation and new opportunities?


    The Art & Science of Intentional Business & Leadership for Harmony & Profits

    Prepare for and ignite the resurgence of the economy in a more aligned, inclusive, and holistic way; Upgrade from a business built on Excellence to one fueled by Genius, Mission, and higher Purpose; Inspire & strategically create C.O.V.I.D. Recovery, and intentional living, business, leadership, and impact








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    ACTIVE CAMPAIGN - Intelligent and easy marketing automation


    RESULTS RESOURCING - find and vet freelance professionals (first search is free - $500 value)


    PAPERBELL - all-in-one tool that handles scheduling, payments and client management for your coaching business


    STRIKINGLY - simple website builder


    ZOOM - video conferencing and webinar solution


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    Energy healing
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    Professional organizing
    Public Relations (coaching, agency)


    Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

    Sales (coaching, strategies, done-for-you, team)

    SEO optimization

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    Talent sourcing

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    Millions of career leaders, homemakers, businesses and teams have been forced to make the leap to work, collaborate, and create in new ways. And unlike entrepreneurs who chose to work from home and have established support systems to help them thrive, these individuals have had little time to prepare & to adjust.


    As a result, individuals are experiencing increased anxiety, tension, even paralysis due to fear of the unknown, isolation – greatly affecting a company’s operations, productivity, service, and impact.


    Working from home and leading in this new era requires shifts in strategies, leadership, logistics, tech, communication, accountability, routines, focus, collaboration, etc.


    And in mindset: how to manage their minds, how to rely on their own inner-resolving strengths? How to not respond and react to events and circumstances? How to avoid contracting in fear?


    This becomes even more prevalent in times of uncertainty, fear, change and disrupted routines (and for many, the added responsibility of homeschooling).


    Just to name a few. That's why we are here.

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    Hi, I am Sara Oblak Speicher

    Mindset & Transformative Coach, Business Consultant & Intuitive Life Success Strategist.


    I personally understand the pressure that comes with it; the pressure that comes with the need to display composure, strength, and confidence with which one can continuously lead a team – even when one's own roots are lifted, and when one feels all the same fear, the same uncertainties, the same doubts on the inside.

    This is no longer business as usual.

    And it’s as important as ever for you, the CEO & leader, and your key team members to reconnect with yourselves, to step up into the higher vibration, and to be able to do so while continuing to lead, to perform, and to contribute effectively, with love, compassion, and inspiration.

    Focusing on the highest levels of service will not only reassure your teams & your clients in these times of fear and uncertainty. It is how you can continue to thrive personally, professionally, and collectively, and continue to create & experience life, business, and the impact that you want – for yourself and for the people you care about deeply.


    We can help. Let's talk.