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9 resources to help you, your business, team, and clients thrive in times of uncertainty.

For Leaders, virtual teams, and those new to working remotely.
Tools, Strategies, Mindset.

· Intentional Leader,Mindset,Success Strategies,Business Success

Here, you will find 9 resources to help you thrive in the times of uncertainty; if you and your team are new to working remotely; or if this pandemic (and panic) is affecting your and your client's business.

First, remember that this is the time for you as the CEO of your business, cutting-edge leader of your team, to tune into your highest intentions.

An invitation to step up and into the higher vibration, to create & experience the life, business, impact that you want.

Leading with love, compassion, inspiration, and focusing on the highest level of service will reassure your team & your clients in these times of fear and uncertainty.

Also, keep your mind open because the shifts that are happening (in the society, economy, the collective energy) offer so much potential for growth, improvement if you are willing and able to shift your perspective, innovate, and be patient (as Gary Vaynerchuk puts it).





  1. This article outlines several resources and tutorials for those who are new to working remotely (from tools, to efficiency, to management).

  2. This article talks about the potential challenges business might face when their on-site staff who is not able to work from home, will need to return back into the office. It can help you improve, innovate, and optimize your business to make it more attractive to your top players, talent.

  3. This article offers insights into effective management in times of uncertainty.

  4. This post dives into leadership principles that stood the test of time but need to be applied differently today.

  5. This post explains 3 unconventional ways of building sustainable success.

  6. This posts introduces a paradigm of next-generation leaders.

  7. This series takes you thought the steps of building, developing, and managing your rocks-star virtual team:
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

  8. This video talks about how to raise from any setback.

  9. This 28-minute training walks you through 6 prisms framework to energize & activate your untapped potential & multidimensional success (no optin needed).

If you have questions, need advice, support, guidance, resources, reach out -
we may be able to help or point you in the right direction and help you navigate it all:


  • from shifting perspective & perception, and elevating your vision, ideas,
  • to expanding and innovating possibilities,
  • to outlining new strategies,
  • to the bolts and nuts of the execution,
  • and the mindset to help you, your team, your clients, and your family thrive.

I've been in this online-based business for over a decade (as employee; as a solo entrepreneur; and building, developing, and leading my own as well as clients' teams; and more recently been consulting, coaching, and mentoring business owners & their teams through the aligning, simplifying, streamlining, optimizing, scaling it all), and am happy to help.

Here's to your success, expansion, and peace of mind,