A different kind of empowerment, expansiveness, and luxury...

  • Walking our talk in that pair of handmade Italian heels that accentuates our fits-like-a-glove power suit...

    Basking in the skyline views through the floor-to-ceiling windows of a marble-decked conference room...
    Dancing along hundreds of strangers to the beats of a loud music that's announcing the beginning of that bucket-list conference... It can all feel so empowering, expansive, and luxurious.
    And you know what, neither has really impressed, inspired, or moved me. Not as a host, nor as an attendee. I simply felt called to play with this differently. In a whichy-ambivert-friendly way...
    Envision the empowerment, expansiveness, and luxury that's set in an intimate space like the comfort of my home where you can cozy up on a couch, pour a glass of vino, and safely open up the channels & capture the insights to the limitless possibilities that you get to create…
    Perhaps it's during our walk in the woods among deeply-rooted trees while having a deep conversation that takes you to the root of your mission?
    Maybe it's the energy exuding from a thousand-year town while reflecting on your own remarkable and ambitious journey?
    Or relaxing at the rhythmic sound of ocean waves that wash ashore while re-calibrating yourself to the massive vision you hold and are calling in?
    All while exciting your taste buds with delicious local foods that nourish your body and tickles your soul?
    Can you feel it? That's the essence of this 3-day Visioning & Re-calibration VIP Immersion. And it's offered to you.
    • In-depth Assessment. You will gain more clarity, confidence, and deepen the understanding as the assessment has been designed to help expand your vision and perspective in preparation for what's next. "This alone is priceless and should be a stand-alone service!" is a typical feedback we receive.
    • Game Plan & Preparation. Yes, before we even begin the actual VIP Immersion, I already see your path of least resistance, all the pieces of this glorious mosaic you are creating, and how you will multiply ROI and ROE across the board. This is the work I am doing personally to tap into your field of vision, energy, potential, and limitless possibilities.
    • 3 Days of in-person time are where magic and miracles happen. Immerse yourself in the luxury of sharing of the energy, holding the big vision, holding space for massive release, channeling, and re-calibration, and for translating deep understanding od structures, sytems, and sequencing into a custom-designed quantum strategic & tactical plan!
      Whether you fly in to New York City, meet me in the Lower Hudson Valley, or in the medieval Skofja Loka in Slovenia, the experience is curated specifically for and co-created with each client. 
           - Day 1: settling in, dinner together, and casting of energetic projections for the main day.
           - Day 2: diving in, creating, working, healing until we feel complete for the day.
           - Day 3: reflection and tying lose ends before we conclude the experience with lunch.
           - And, it is my recommendation that you give yourself at lease another day for integration before traveling.

    • 30-day Exclusive Access is the game-changer. Intentionally added coaching, consulting and accountability time supports integration & embodyment, and helps you see things through with confidence & peace of mind.
  • Our most successful and joyful clients don't wait until they are ready.

    They simply commit. They know what they want and are intentional in elevating ideas, proactive in breaking through to the next level, simply because they choose to.

    If you know you want this, let's make it happen.



    Please note that only one space might be available per month.



    Investment is $12,000 (Travel & accommodation not included.)

    For groups and couples inquiries, availabilty and procing email sara(at)saraoblakspeicher(dot)com







  • Who is this 3-day Visioning & Re-calibration VIP Immersion for:



    When the dam opens and success flows in, you are riding the wave with joy and excitement, and are ready to - finally - amplify, magnify, and multiply all the goodness! The 3-day Visioning & Re-calibration VIP Immersion will fortify you to be ready to hold, amplify, and sustain that all of that success.


    That said, fast success can also jeopardize the harmony and stability of your structures (at home, at work, in life), the integrity of your team's culture, and quality of the service/performance. We make sure you have everything that you need in place, and that can include next-step possibilities & opportunities, and contingency plans.



    There comes a time when things that used to work, no longer do. When no matter how hard we work, the less progress we seem to make. There are numerous factors for it: misalignment, external and internal disturbances, gaps, leaks, bottlenecks...


    One of my superpowers is the ability to see & play in the big picture and quickly identify these details quickly; whether you're stuck in your vision (or even overwhelmed by its magnitude), unable to decide on actionable steps, or caught in the minutia and too busy to even think big, I help you bridge that gap and show you exactly how to go about creating the breakthrough you have been waiting for.









    Some of our clients are high-profile experts, leaders, CEOs who prefer their identity to remain undisclosed. These case studies include such collaborations. For more testimonials visit the Results page.

    $125k sale, doubled revenue & gained free time

    Already well-known in their field, this client knew they had so much more to offer than her best-selling $3,000/mo coaching package. Held back by the typical "But who am I to..." and "I don't know how to..." mindset, their desire to serve at a higher level and ultimately revolutionize their industry remained an unfulfilled desire.


    During our VIP Intensive, I showed them the powerful pillars of high-value, high-touch, and high-leverage model, and how they already had everything they needed to deploy it (from concepts, to frameworks, to actual wording of their offer, and practical delivery), they...




    ...Sold $125K offer ($60K cash) topped with a $30K/12 months booked sale for doing the soul-aligned work that changes lives...


    ...which was 2x what they earned a year before,


    ...in a way that allowed the client to work way less and spend more time with their family.

    From 40 to 20-hour weeks & $150/hr to $15k retainers

    After successfully selling their agency and building a new business with the gained experiences and expertise, this client found themselves working way too hard to reach the revenue goals; they did not believe their expertise were sufficient, much less transferable. In addition, they tried to replicate the previous model of highly customized consulting packages sold at (industry-typical) hourly rate, which created the ceiling to what they were able to create.


    Immediately, we shifted their perception around not only what is possible, but also how they can exceed such results with less effort and much more joy. During our VIP Intensive, I showed them how to masterfully package their skills, experience, and deliver highest-level of service to their distinctive clientele.





    ...Went from working 40 hours per week to 20,

    ...while taking $150/hr service offer to $7.5K to $15k/mo retainer,

    ...creating predictable cashflow,


    ...while reducing anxiety, administrative and collection efforts,


    ...they began traveling for pleasure & for work (which was authentic desire),


    ...were invited to speak at influential events,


    ...added a giant media company to their client list,


    ...and went on to make a substantial investments that had once felt like far-fetched dream.

    Feeling alive again & new premium clients

    Craig walked away from their successful 7-figure business because they felt exhausted, unfulfilled. Following his heart, he felt called to start his coaching business, but found himself overwhelmed with what to offer, who to work with, how to close sales (talking to enough people was not an issue). Most of all, he struggled with self-esteem.


    During VIP Intensive, we turned his mindset into unstoppable growth one, released some core limiting beliefs and healed a core wound. From there, he quickly gained clarity around the true value of his gifts and who he was meant to serve. He felt confident in himself and his approach. He knew that success was inevitable.




    ...Feeling alive again,


    ...and finding his own way of freedom and creativity, faith and inspired action,


    ...while having reinvented relationship with himself, his significant other, and his work,


    ...resulting in new clients and getting paid fees he deserved.

    From first sale to sought-after expert

    After releasing her 7-figure business in a very masculine industry, Jo felt lost and overwhelmed with starting a new one based on her divine and life-changing gifts. Limiting beliefs of "Nobody would pay this much to work with me," and myopic vision of how a healing business should look like, she turned to me for help.


    During VIP Intensive, we released some deeply-rooted beliefs and shifted her energy, and created a new framework for her positioning on the market. We mapped out new offers, and value ladder of services that could be delivered with joy and integrity. In addition, she gained clarity around her overall business operations to ensure her growing business would fit into her active lifestyle.




    ...Created her first $697 sale within 12 hours,

    ...and another $2,500 sale in 48 hours,


    ...and she went on to become a sought-after & globally-present coach, healer with a clear vision, mission and strategy, and results to back it up.

    New offer & reignited love

    When they first came to me, this Kris was stretched between her demanding job and the desire to take make her side-hustle coaching business into her main thing. This would enable her to start a family that she was longing for. Despite the experience, certifications, and outstanding results of her own clients, she was grossly undervaluing the impact she was making. In addition, she felt exhausted. So she needed both, mindset and strategic support.


    During our VIP Intensive + 90 days together, I showed her how to master their mindset and solidify and integrate that what she had learned from years of therapy. We also upgraded her business model and positioning. She experienced major shifts in her personal life as the result of new-found clarity and confidence.




    ...Overcame major fear of commitment, gained confidence,


    ...$15k cash collected with one sale (for a new 9-week coaching program we designed),


    ...topped with multiple $1,500 sales of smaller one-of packages,


    ...while upped the quality of their interactions with her clients,


    ...and experienced new openings in their life.

    New efficiency & added hundreds of thousands of dollars

    Overwhelmed, and hitting their upper limits in productivity, profitability, and performance in their multi-6 figure business, this client came to me because they simply wanted to spend more time with their young children, and less time in the trenches of their growing company and managing their growing team...


    During our retainer-based collaboration, I helped them with marketing and management strategy and implementation. Below are the results they experienced within the first 90 days because the strategy that created such results is an example of what we can create for you during our VIP Day.



    ...The management of their team, client acquisition, onboarding, and service delivery became much more streamlined, effective, and efficient,


    ...giving them the desired free time to spend with their family,

    ...they traded office chair for seats on cross-country flights,


    ...all while their clientele nearly doubled...

    ...adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line.