Cozy luxury to re-imagine and rewire your life in a weekend

  • Walking our talk in that pair of handmade Italian heels that accentuates our fits-like-a-glove power suit... Basking in the skyline views through the floor-to-ceiling windows of a marble-decked conference room... Jumping to the beats of loud music along hundreds of strangers at that bucket-list event... Ticking off all the boxes of productivity, fueled by coffee and adrenaline... Even meditating to the sound of waves crashing ashore of some famous tropical island retreat... It can all feel so good! Until it doesn't.


    Do you feel called to play with empowerment, expansiveness and luxury differently?
    In a whichy-ambivert-friendly way?


    Welcome to my hometown of Skofja Loka, in the Alpine Slovenia, and into an intimate space where we re-imagine the possible! Here, you can immerse into the healing and grounding energy to let go of what you no longer need. And spark a changed narrative of your story. To change the trajectory of your future. To emerge multi-dimensionality of the experience. Renewed vision of yourself.


    Gift yourself 3 days to cozy up, safely open the channels and capture the insights to the limitless possibilities ahead.

    • Perhaps it's relaxing at the sound of a pristine river that helps you activate and re-calibrate to the massive vision you hold and are calling in? So that we can clarify and anchor it...
    • Or our walk in the endless woods among deeply-rooted pine trees, and having a deep conversation that takes you to the root of your mission? So that we can then strategize, plan & align you to your exact next steps...
    • Maybe it's the energy exuding from a thousand-year small town while reflecting on your own remarkable and ambitious journey that energizes you to roll up your sleeves and getting things done/written/designed...

    It's intentional. Integrated. Mystical.

    Now envision the clarity with which you can express it all in an easy-to-follow-strategy... Feel into your ability to embody the sequencing of creating desired tangible & intangible outcomes… And imagine the freedom as you dissolve and release whatever is eating up your sanity and capacity.
    All while we excite your taste buds with world-renowned local cuisine, pamper your body, and nourish your soul.
    Can you feel it? Come on in!

    • In-depth Assessment. You will gain more clarity and deepen the understanding with the exercise that's has been designed to help expand your awareness, tap into your vision and elevate perspective in preparation for what's next. "This alone is priceless and should be a stand-alone service!" is a typical feedback we receive.
    • Intentioning & Preparation. Yes, before we even begin the actual 3-day Immersion, I already see and feel into your path of least resistance, all the pieces of this glorious mosaic you are creating, and how you will multiply ROI and ROE across the board. This is the work I am doing personally to tap into your field of vision, energy, potential, and limitless possibilities.
    • 3 days of in-person time are where magic and miracles happen. Anything goes when you immerse yourself in the luxury of this sacred space & sharing of energy. Whether it's here in Slovenia, or another city (on occasion, I am available to meet you elsewhere in Europe and USA), the essence of our time together is curated specifically for and co-created with each client. This is simply a framework:

           - Day 1: arrival, settling in, and an early dinner together followed by casting of energetic projections for the main day.
           - Day 2: diving in, visioning, creating, working, healing, planning, strategizing, playing (& eating well) until we feel complete.
           - Day 3: reflection and bringing everything to completion before we part ways (some time after lunch).
           I also recommend that you give yourself at least another day for rest & integration before traveling home.

    • 30-day Exclusive Access afterwards is the game-changer. Intentionally added on-demand calls which can be used for coaching, consulting and accountability, support with integration & embodiment, and to help you see things through with confidence & peace of mind... For example, to assure you can carry out the shifts in your business model that will give you more time while increasing the impact with more ease. Or the simplified home routine that will grant you and your family with more harmony, connection, joy. Or  in your daily mind, body & energy management practice, especially in these ever-distracting and fast-changing environments.
  • OPTION 1: Emerge experience

    Exchange: $18,000 + VAT upfront


    OPTION 2: Seasonal experience (4 immersions per year)
    Exchange: $63,000 + VAT


    Availability: One space per month. Currently booking for May 2023 and beyond.

    Travel & accommodation not included but will be happy to help with recommendations.

    Check with me for groups and couples availability & pricing. For any questions, email sara(at)makeyourlifeyourlegacy(.)com
    Value Added Tax (VAT) when it applies. Ask for details.

    All sales are final, nontransferable & nonrefundable.







  • Who is this 3-day Immersion for:



    When the dam opens and success flows in, you are riding the wave with joy and excitement, and are ready to - finally - amplify, magnify, and multiply all the goodness! The 3-day Immersion will fortify you to be ready to hold, amplify, and sustain that all of that success.


    That said, fast success can also jeopardize the harmony and stability of your structures (at home, at work, in life), the integrity of your team's culture, and quality of the service/performance. We make sure you have everything that you need in place, and that can include next-step possibilities & opportunities, and contingency plans.



    There comes a time when things that used to work, no longer do. When no matter how hard we work, the less progress we seem to make. There are numerous factors for it: misalignment, external and internal disturbances, gaps, leaks, bottlenecks...


    One of my superpowers is the ability to see & play in the big picture and quickly identify these details quickly; whether you're stuck in your vision (or even overwhelmed by its magnitude), unable to decide on actionable steps, or caught in the minutia and too busy to even think big, I help you bridge that gap and show you exactly how to go about creating the breakthrough you have been waiting for.








    ...do not look one way. The frameworks and modalities used to facilitate this 3-day Immersion have helped to create the following outcomes:

    After a 45-minute call, a client found the clarity and courage to turn down an offer and negotiate a new one that was more aligned with their strenghts, offered more flexibility, spaciousness, and still paid double what the client had made in the year before.


    Within 2 weeks, this client was able to restructure their business and pricing in ways that allowed them to slow down, regaun energy and time as they no longer needed to trade input for money. As we streamlied their process and upgraded their pricing, they increased closing rate beyong 80%, which minimized administrative and other friction points as well.


    Within 30 fays, this client broke through their upper limits of confidence, lift up the weight of other's expectations, and was able to reconnect with themselves. As a reasult, we redesigned their business offers that brought in premier clients. More importantly, my client was able to reconnect with their intimate partner in a much deeper and loving way.


    Within 3 months, this single mom released overwhelm, eliminated redundancies, and gained at least 2 hours of free time per day, which enabled her to divert from burnout she was approaching, resentment she started to feel towards her successful creative agnecy, and especially dissolve this feeling of guilt now that she had more time and energy to devote to her young kids.


    In 6 months, this client was able to clarify, outline, and launch the idea of expanding 20+ years of in-person serives to the global market, something they had been dreaming about for years. Doing so freed up their physical space, gave them more freedom and command over their time.


    Within a year, this client dissolved old paradigms of attachment, and healed wounds so that they could leave a toxic relationship, move to a new place, and find love and happiness again.


    Whitin two years, this client gained courage and clarity to gracefully walk away from a demanding business - machine they had built because that's what was expected of them. Instead, the client found joy and fulfillment in a new line of work which was a dream many years in the making.


    Personally, I was able to build a team and create 3-month paid maternity leave as a solopreneur without compromising quality of our services. All while caring for a toddler.

  • OPTION 1: Emerge experience

    Exchange: $18,000 + VAT upfront


    OPTION 2: Seasonal experience (4 immersions per year)
    Exchange: $63,000 + VAT


    Availability: currently booking May 2023 and beyond.

    Travel & accommodation not included but will be happy to help with recommendations.

    For groups and couples availability & pricing, or any questions email sara(at)makeyourlifeyourlegacy(.)com
    Value Added Tax (VAT) when it applies. Ask for details.

    All sales are final, nontransferable & nonrefundable.

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